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5 BEST Boating Destinations on the Colorado River

When taking a vacation to the Colorado River it's nice to know what all of your activities options what are the best locations people seeking out when boating on their river vacation.

Boating of course is the number one activity that people do when taking a vacation on the Colorado River.

  1. There are numerous beaches along the sandy shore where you can spend the day with your friends and family.

2. Pack a cooler and lunch to take a day trip boating through the Topock Gorge. This is definitely a must see when vacationing on the Colorado River. Road to Riverview is approx. a 30 min drive on the water to the opening of the Topock Gorge. Make sure you make it all the way to the sandbar to see where and what all the action is about.

3.Topock 66

Head into Topock 66 for an early morning breakfast and a Bloody Mary. Topock 66 has a vast food and beverage menu. Breakfast and Bloody Mary's are always on our list when we are vacationing on the river. This famous location is huge with a bar, restaurant and even a pool to hang out during the day or letting your kids take a dip while you enjoy the atmosphere on the water.

The restaurant and bar hours are open Mon - Thurs 10am to 7pm & Fri - Satt 9am to 8pm & again on Sun from 9am to 7pm

4. Pirates Cove Resort

Pirates Cover Resort is only a 20 min ride on the water from Road to Riverview. This is the perfect spot for spending the day on a beach in the cove or grabbing lunch and/or drinks from the restaurant and bar. Pirate's Cove is always busy and quite the party scene.

The resort has a water taxi tours and even water sport and off road rentals. Half day RZR rentals start at $549 and full day at $649.

If you're looking for a day excursion Pirates Cover Resort offers The Pirate Cove Off Highway Vehicle experiences which offers over 3,200 Miles of BLM-approved designated trails. Explore hidden treasures around every turn as you navigate your off-road vehicle on numerous waterfront beaches, through sand dunes, historic bridges, and old mineshaft passages.

5. Day trip to Lake Havasu

Yes that is correct, you can definitely get to Lake Havasu by boat when traveling on the water from Road to Riverview.

Of course this is quite a long trip but it can be done by the most adventurists of boaters. However we'd highly recommend driving your boat to Lake Havasu which is a 48 min drive by car. From there you can launch your boat at the Havasu Marina and enjoy a day boating in Havasu or floating on the river in a tube.

Havasu is quite a busy destination especially during the holidays so plan your next river trip ahead of time to save yourself any headaches when trying to plan a day trip to Lake Havasu.

We hope this gives you at least a list of places for your bucket list when planning your next trip to the Colorado River.

Make sure you book your trip early at Road to Riverview. Our weekends are the first to book starting at the beginning of the year, so if you have a special weekend in mind already you can book it now directly on our website to secure your dates for your river trip.

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