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What to pack when traveling with kids to the Colorado River

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Often times I wonder what do other mothers pack when planning a much anticipated weekend getaway on the Colorado River with the kids.

More often than not I find myself wishing I had packed more appropriately for our weekend river excursions and not so hastily thrown misc items into my suitcase to find a mismatched array of clothing and unnecessary items.

Do you ever find yourself staring blankly at your children as they complain about being bored while sitting on the beach at your river rental? Or wondering “why couldn’t I have thought this out better?”, well you are definitely not alone.

Like most parent’s traveling with children packing for the trip can take double the amount of time you actually spend on your river vacation or extended getaway on the Colorado River. What I have found most useful for our family is to plan ahead, like way ahead and research the latest trends and lifestyle item must haves available of the current market.

But let’s face it most working families do not plan that far in advance, nor do they have the time necessary to do so. Most people are focused simply on the getaway itself and less about what to pack for the river or simply do not have the luxury or all the extra time spent on the internet doing research on trending products.

Here is a list of the utmost important items to bring on your next Colorado River getaway. Hopefully this helps save you time and the ability to enjoy your next river vacation getaway with ease.

Items listed in order of priority.

Here at Road to Riverview we've got you covered by providing you some of these must have items here at the property. In our newly curated outdoor game rental room we incorporated the most needed items to help you eliminate having to the bulky items from your car. Beach toys, beach towels, beach chairs, soft cooler, are just some of the fun items we have here at the vacation rental house. Our extensive list of games include horse shoes, cornhole, giant jenga, giant, connect four, paddle ball, giant beach ball pong and a handy wagon to truck it all to the beach.

  1. Alcohol

  2. Bathing suit (2 min per person)

  3. Sunblock

  4. Beach toys

  5. Hats

  6. Water shoes

  7. Beach towels

  8. Beach chairs

  9. Inflatables

  10. Cooler

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