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Why book a mid week getaway to the Colorado River? Here are a few of our 3 top Reasons Why ..

Updated: Aug 17, 2021


If you've even been out to the Colorado River during peak boating season or on a holiday weekend then you're very familiar with the crowds. When you're looking to get away from the rat race of over crowded restaurants, casino's and on the water especially then booking your next river trip mid-week is the way to go.

Here at Road to Riverview we pride ourselves on the fact that our property sits at the back of the lot without surrounding neighbors being too close. Our privately owned 79ft of beach stretch on the river's edge is the perfect amenity to those guests seeking solace away from the busy crowds. No more wondering how many boats are going to pull up on the beach next to you and invade your space.

Our private boat launch is probably the best feature on the property for the simple fact that you do not need to wait in line at a public marina, pay for entrance and wait in line endlessly when trying to get your boat in and out of the water especially after a long hot day in the sun.

We also offer plenty of parking for all your trucks, trailers and motor craft vehicles here onsite with added security surveillance protection for your investments.

2. More fun..

Who wouldn't enjoy sitting on the beach with your feet in the sand and a cocktail in your hand on a Monday? Come out during the week and destress on the beach and in the quiet and peaceful surroundings that the Colorado River has to offer you and your family with a much more enjoyable stay here at Road to Riverview.

During the midweek is the perfect opportunity to grab dinner at your favorite spot or enjoy a night of gambling at any of the many casinos in the Laughlin, AZ area without needing a reservation or waiting for a spot to open up at your preferred blackjack table.

3. Less Traffic..

Yes that's right the number three on our top 3 list is "LESS TRAFFIC".

Being able to enjoy a less crowded and safer trip to and from the river is definitely enticing.

Avoiding all the traffic and extra driving time is definitely one of the many reasons to book your next river trip on the Colorado River during the week.

Think of how much more enjoyable the trip is by cutting down the travel time, avoiding all of the rush hour traffic and the crazy, crazy holiday madness on the freeway after most people have been partying all weekend long.

Here at Road to Riverview we offer discounted rates for mid-week booking and from now until the end of the year all mid-week bookings with a 3 night minimum get a 4th night free..yes that's right FREE!! So don't wait, book your next river trip NOW!! USE CODE - BUY3GET1FREE

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