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The Road to Riverview

Finding Inspiration in Every Stage


Our Story

The properties purchased are two separate parcels that butt up to each other. The top parcel sits at the top half of the two combined properties and is where the rental house is located. The bottom parcel is the river front property and contains 79 feet of beach and waterfront area on the Colorado River.

We started the journey in 2017 while looking for a family vacation home. We came across these properties for sale in Needles, CA and took the opportunity to purchase both lots with a dream of developing them both and creating a resort environment.

Our first step was to completely gut and remodel the current house on the back lot which consisted of raising and vaulting the ceiling in the living and kitchen areas to provide an open concept area that felt more expansive as well as a more inviting area to gather and entertain. We also added the large picture windows in the area to enable the feeling of bringing the outside in.

The kitchen cabinetry design was also chosen with the vacation feeling mentality of only providing what was needed and being able to keep the expansive feeling by eliminating the upper cabinetry to keep the open concept throughout and combining both the living and kitchen areas.

Both the master and jack and jill bathrooms were designed to give guests a larger space and luxurious feeling.

We started by incorporating the marble tiles and custom mosaics combined with the large shower in the jack and jill bathroom that is intended to be shared by the guests who share both the guest and kids bedrooms.

Our master bathroom was designed to create a private ensuite for the couple with an expansive walk in shower that is large enough for a party of two. The black and white combination of tiles for this bathroom is a personal favorite design choice.

Once the house was completed we realized what an undertaking this project was going to be physically and financially so we pivoted and decided what a great vacation rental opportunity this could provide.

We put our efforts into how we could immediately implement items to the house to create an enjoyable experience for families as well as a seamless technology based wireless way for us to manage the home remotely.

The next step was to put a plan in place to develop the property in stages that would first bring the most use for the guests staying in the rental home.

The most important part of the first phase of the property development was to provide direct river access for our guests to launch their boats and water toys on the property. This was just recently completed in February of 2021.

With the boat launch implemented what better way to use the undeveloped land temporarily than for truck and trailer parking once your boat is launched directly next to launch area. This provides easy access in and out of the water.

Anyone who has waited in line at either Needles Marina or Jack Smith Marina to launch their boat and then had to have their wife hold the boat while they went to find parking for the truck and trailer both in and out of the water will greatly appreciate this amenity.

Our next step in the land development phase will be installing an RV pad directly behind the rental house for the added convenience and the ability to provide our guests with the option to bring an RV for extra accommodations.

We hope your enjoy your stay at our vacation home and hope you will follow our journey as we continue to develop these properties into the luxurious resort we envision and now call “Road to Riverview”.

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